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Real estate Marketing
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Exterior 3d rendering

What we do

Real estate 3D Visualization

Give your property the attention it merits. We have helped real estate agencies and developers sell their property with brilliant images that make a reasonable picture on the eyes of purchasers and financial specialists, of how the property can be used and how it will look.
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Product visualization

Your product should be appeared in use case scenarios so customers can see its genuine utilization. We can help you with that by making pictures of your product in a wide range of spaces. This would be relatively difficult to do with conventional photography.
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360 Panorama's

Continually embracing new technology that is essential in architectural visualization we make 360 panoramas and tours were you can experience your design with VR glasses. This is a great way to see exactly how your project will look like in real life.
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Animation walkthroughs

For a complete presentation of your property an animation walkthrough is a great way to showcase your complete house-villa so the client can look at the project way before it is actually constructed.
This tool serves an extensive detailed feel of the architectural design and can be presented in modern ways like websites, social media, mobiles or even Dvd presentations.
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Architectural photography

For an aesthetically pleasing and accurate representation of the structure and final design traditional photography is an essential part on promotion selling or showcase the finished development. For know we offer this service only in UK.
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Interior design

Apart from 3d rendering we can also provide interior design as an additional service. This includes Design consulting, Project buying & sourcing, Space planning, renovations, Color consulting and Custom furniture design.
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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Clay renders
  • Finalize
We receive your drawings and make a quote based on your requests.If we come to an agreement we then try to see precisely the reason you require our services.We examine together the most ideal approach to breath life into your thought and enlighten you regarding our work process and process.
We request reference pictures so we can comprehend what you have envisioned and we request more information about furniture and materials.
We set up the first clay render so you can make your comments in matter of plan and furniture changes or updates. Clay renders are pictures with everything shaded in grey so you can concentrate more on general issues in outline and slip-ups.
We make a draft render with materials and detailed lighting so you can focus more on material changes before the final stage.And after that we prepare your final render and complete the job

Customer Says

Vantage has worked with Threelight on nearly a dozen contemporary residential projects in recent years, each unique in architectural style and material palette.

This frequent shifting of aesthetic required new models, materials, lighting parameters and many rounds of corrections. Each time, it was handled with ease.

When we've come up against a tough deadline in a competition Threelight was always willing to work with us and put in the extra effort to comply with the expedited schedule.

They have delivered excellent images on time, every time, for the price initially quoted. Not something easy to do.

Vantage Design Group - Los angeles

Following a long and extensive search for a highly experienced CGI studio, I have had the pleasure of knowing “Threelight” and have been working with them, continuously, over the last three years.

What makes “Threelight” true experts, is the way they provide their services. From the “birth” of a 3d preliminary model, based on my design, through the whole process of producing the final, amazing, rendered project.

The rendering stage surely is the cheapest way to test out many sorts of materials and textures on project. I can showcase the project to my clients and together with them, make calculated decisions on the final results. This way we ensure there are no unfortunate mistakes in the building stage. Priceless…

There are a lot of CGI studios out there but “Threelight” really stands out! I really do not need to tell you, have a look at their work and see for yourself! I highly recommend “Threelight”.

Working closely with them really pushes me forward and makes me broaden my horizon.

Daniel Arev, Architect www.danielarev.com