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Elevate Your Home Builds with Our Cutting-Edge 3D Visualization Services

Elevate your home construction projects with our state-of-the-art 3D visualization services. From photorealistic renderings to customizable floor plans, our offerings are designed to bring your architectural concepts to life. Discover the value and benefits of our comprehensive package tailored for custom home builders. For a more detailed exploration of how we can transform your projects, visit our article and learn about our tailored pricing and consultation services. Connect with us to bring your visions to reality.

What we do

Architectural Visualization

We are masters of 3D renderings. Want to attract potential buyers for your next residential or commercial project? We will transform your plans into  state-of-the-art 3D visuals. Expand your architectural capabilities beyond imagination, as we reveal what has yet to be built.

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360 Tours

Continually embracing new technology that is essential in architectural visualization, we make 360 panoramas and tours where you can experience your design with VR glasses. This is an innovative way to create an unbelievable virtual experience and to bring into reality a space and all its surrounding elements.

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Animation walkthroughs

For a complete presentation of your property, an animation walkthrough is a great way to showcase your complete house-villa, so your clients can envision the property before its construction. This tool serves an extensive detailed feel of the architectural design and can be presented in modern ways such as in websites, social media, mobiles, or even Dvd presentations.
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Product visualization

Your product should be presented in multiple case scenarios so customers have a better insight on how this product will look and function, before it is even created. We can help you with that by providing a visual representation of your product into a wide range of spaces. This would be relatively difficult to be done with conventional photography.
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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Clay renders
  • Finalize
  • Revisions
We receive your drawings and come up with presentations based on your requirements. After your approval, we examine your needs and requirements. Together we agree on the most ideal approach, and inform you of our work process in detail. Our goal is to give life to your vision and ideas by providing high quality services.
All we need is a complete information and specifications, like reference pictures, information on preferable furniture and materials in order to understand your needs and come up with tailor made solutions that completely satisfy your rendering requirements.
We use the clay rendering technique to the images we create, so our clients will be able to share with us their comments and ideas related to the space planning, furniture, materials used etc. Clay render is a method of making images appear like they are photos of a clay model, where everything is shaded into grey. This technique is mostly used to help our clients concentrate more on general issues of the product depiction, such us the general structure and improvements that can be made to the image composition.
We create accurate high quality photorealistic designs with detailed elements and lighting conditions, so you to be able to fine tune even the most sophisticated details and conclude to the desired outcome, before we deliver you the final product.
We ask for revisions throughout all the progress of the project. We are using a very efficient application for receiving feedback. The MIRO application is one of the best software to do that so everything is tracked smoothly.


Petros has been a joy to deal with, we threw a number of challenges at him and changed the brief on multiple occasions.

There was never an excuse or complaint he simply got on and delivered.

We would highly recommend Threelight's CGI services.

B GROUP - New Zealand

"Threelight CGI" renders are the new standard in high-quality architectural design visualization.

Their attention to detail and collaborative approach leads to imagery that is effective for design, construction, and marketing initiatives.

We needed some CGI renderings to showcase our proposed new building façade, external entrance, ground floor lobby, and cafe for our recently purchased office tower asset in Melbourne.

We were delighted with the result, and in the end, we had some great marketing material to give sneak peeks of the renovation to the world.

Vantage property investments - Australia

Threelight was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to ensure the finished visual was perfect and exactly what we had envisioned.

Communication was great and the renders were turned over quickly and efficiently.

We will definitely be returning to Threelight on future projects and would happily recommend to others who are looking for a high quality CGI.

Maek - Australia

As an architecture studio, we are constantly searching for ways to express a feeling or intention with an image.

We asked Threelight CGI to produce a series of images to feature our mountain home design, but requested that they take their own artistic direction, which could be a nerve-racking endeavor.

Any doubts were immediately eliminated at the first sight of the produced renderings.

Threelight CGI was able to take our minimal direction and create something that captured the mood, feeling, and delight that we aspired our architecture to be.

The entire process was easy, quick, and of the upmost quality.

We’d gladly team up with Threelight CGI again and would recommend this studio to anyone searching for a high quality, artistic, and convincing image.

Laney LA Inc - USA

Vantage has worked with Threelight on nearly a dozen contemporary residential projects in recent years, each unique in architectural style and material palette.

This frequent shifting of aesthetic required new models, materials, lighting parameters and many rounds of corrections. Each time, it was handled with ease.

When we've come up against a tough deadline in a competition Threelight was always willing to work with us and put in the extra effort to comply with the expedited schedule.

They have delivered excellent images on time, every time, for the price initially quoted. Not something easy to do.

Vantage Design Group - Los angeles

Following a long and extensive search for a highly experienced CGI studio, I have had the pleasure of knowing “Threelight” and have been working with them, continuously, over the last three years.

What makes “Threelight” true experts, is the way they provide their services. From the “birth” of a 3d preliminary model, based on my design, through the whole process of producing the final, amazing, rendered project.

The rendering stage surely is the cheapest way to test out many sorts of materials and textures on project. I can showcase the project to my clients and together with them, make calculated decisions on the final results. This way we ensure there are no unfortunate mistakes in the building stage. Priceless…

There are a lot of CGI studios out there but “Threelight” really stands out! I really do not need to tell you, have a look at their work and see for yourself! I highly recommend “Threelight”.

Working closely with them really pushes me forward and makes me broaden my horizon.

Daniel Arev, Architect

We have been very impressed by Threelight's ability to literally read our minds and deliver an artist impression that perfectly symbolizes our vision in such a short time.

It has been a great experience working with them.

Surf Lakes Holdings Limited - Australia