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Experts in Cgi rendering

We are a team sharing a genuine passion about what we do and we are proud to offer high-quality services to our esteemed clients.. We are a team of experts in cgi rendering and we can bring your vision and idea into life.

Our Team

Petros Zavradinos


Spiros koulias

Interior designer

Spiros Koulias Is an Interior Architect and Designer with an expertise in contemporary design. He completed the Master of Arts in Design at Middlesex University, UK. He is the owner of Architecture and Design firm ARCHI4M

Francesco Russo

Architectural Photographer

Our Architectural Photographer partner in London featured on Dezeen, Architecture Today and ArchDaily

Customer Says

Vantage has worked with Threelight on nearly a dozen contemporary residential projects in recent years, each unique in architectural style and material palette.

This frequent shifting of aesthetic required new models, materials, lighting parameters and many rounds of corrections. Each time, it was handled with ease.

When we've come up against a tough deadline in a competition Threelight was always willing to work with us and put in the extra effort to comply with the expedited schedule.

They have delivered excellent images on time, every time, for the price initially quoted. Not something easy to do.

Vantage Design Group - Los angeles

Following a long and extensive search for a highly experienced CGI studio, I have had the pleasure of knowing “Threelight” and have been working with them, continuously, over the last three years.

What makes “Threelight” true experts, is the way they provide their services. From the “birth” of a 3d preliminary model, based on my design, through the whole process of producing the final, amazing, rendered project.

The rendering stage surely is the cheapest way to test out many sorts of materials and textures on project. I can showcase the project to my clients and together with them, make calculated decisions on the final results. This way we ensure there are no unfortunate mistakes in the building stage. Priceless…

There are a lot of CGI studios out there but “Threelight” really stands out! I really do not need to tell you, have a look at their work and see for yourself! I highly recommend “Threelight”.

Working closely with them really pushes me forward and makes me broaden my horizon.

Daniel Arev, Architect www.danielarev.com

We have been very impressed by Threelight ability to literally read our minds and deliver an artist impression that perfectly symbolizes our vision in such a short time. It has been a great experience working with them.

Surf Lakes Holdings Limited - Australia