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We are surely living in the digital age and it has helped a lot in marketing because anyone can sell anything from literally the comfort of his home. The internet is now used as a tool to attract customers and buyers for any service out there.

Internet has shined with the COVID-19 virus nowadays, where lockdown prevented all face-to-face interactions, although some fields got hit hard, while others were very successful.
For real estate, the toll was huge, and the market really collapsed, with huge real estate firms laying off thousands of employees but I honestly have hope for the future, and I believe that everything will start ticking again soon, not like they used to but in a new normal that eventually, I think, will be much stronger and resilient with all the things we learned from this pandemic. 

We learned how social media could be leveraged tremendously to convey messages, ideas, charities, and bring business. 
Now it is the best time than never to start thinking about how to make a service more appealing and to make it attract more people, they say don't judge a book by its cover, but usually, you do, and also potential clients judge it.
Your cover is the images of your property; it is the first thing a buyer sees, your cover is the information you give, and your cover is and must be viewed from the most people possible.
If your images are not telling a story and also not appealing, then potential buyers could not imagine themselves living in that home, you must have great photos in order to bring attention to your property, and that can bring more leads that eventually make "the close" more straightforward and faster.

There are undoubtedly a hundred factors that affect the selling process. Still, my opinion is to make it be a hundred minus one, if the property is already built and staged, you must hire a professional photographer that his expertise is above average. 
You must think about it as an investment because it really is. 

If the property exists and it is not staged, you must physically or virtually stage it. 
Most of the people do not have the imagination to think about how it could be when it is furnished, and that makes them disconnect right away, it is a much easier process for them to see it ready and maybe think that they want to make a change or two to make it their own. Now that is a true connection; they will undoubtingly remember that to their journey to find the home of their dreams.

A more significant issue arises when the house is not already built, or it is in the process. The buyer unquestionably can' t imagine how it is going to be when finished; he needs to see a realistic representation of the result before he considers spending his precious time and attention on your property.

When all he sees is land or a half-finished house, he will look somewhere else. On the contrary, if there are images that accurately represent the finished property and make the client imagine himself living in there, he can cope with the fact that it is now only land or just bricks.

Anything is better than nothing, and better is greater than average is my honest last advice.