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3d rendering aerial of a mixed use development in Huntsville with multicultural people
3d rendering of a mixed use development in Huntsville with retail stores

Stadium commons

Date Sep 2022
Location Alabama
Client crunkleton associates
Category Real estate Commercial

Working on the South Memorial Parkway development project was a great opportunity for our studio to showcase our expertise in creating visually stunning and highly-detailed 3D renderings.

Our client needed to showcase this mixed-use development, and we were up for the challenge. One of the biggest challenges we faced was recreating the Joe Davis Stadium in the midst of its heavy development stage from being converted from a baseball to soccer field. However, we were able to rise to the occasion and create renderings that not only showcased the stadium but also brought the entire development to life. Our renderings featured a diverse and multicultural cast of people, adding to the vibrancy of the community.

We are proud of the work we did on this project and believe it serves as a testament to our studio's ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver outstanding results.